The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company are excited to announce that we’ve upgraded our cleaning systems.

We’re always on the lookout for more efficient cleaning methods and equipment. After much time and research, we were happy to invest in our new Facelift Phoenix window cleaning system.

As a result, with this new system our team of technicians at The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company are able to perform their work more efficiently and most of all, without delays of down time.

Window Cleaning CardiffWindow Cleaning Cardiff

Benefits to The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company:

  • Split relay: The system fully charges itself whilst the vehicles are on the move. Meaning we’re always available and the equipment is ready.
  • 650L baffled water tanks: Holding more water, our technicians are now not hindered by running out of water halfway through a job.
  • Back up pump and controller: Equipment is infallible, pumps/controllers can stop working for no apparent reason. Therefore, a back up of both components means the job can continue.
  • Secure van ports: These are going to allow us keep the vehicles securely locked, even whilst working off them.

Are we working on your site, window cleaning around Cardiff? Feel free to ask for a demo from any of the guys and they’d be happy to show you how it all works.

Or Contact Us to have us come to you.