The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company are excited to announce the acquisition of Water Performance Wales Ltd.

Having worked closely with each for a number of years, this acquisition no doubt is to prove exciting, both to management and staff. 

This merge will allow us to deliver substantial value to our clients and employees.

Joseph Richards, Managing Director of The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company comments: “We believe that the acquisition of Water Performance Wales Ltd represents a great opportunity for everyone involved. We have already made plans to provide an even better service to our very important clients. Our team of technicians is our most important asset, so as ever we will be looking forward to continued investment in training and equipment. We have a number of exciting ventures lined up in the next couple of years that we are looking forward to. And this merger is just one of those exciting steps.”

This deal will ensure job security and future prospects for employees from both companies. 

It will also further secure The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company’s position in the services market here in South Wales.