Project: Number 4 Capitol Quarter, Cardiff
Size: 96,870 sq feet
Occupiers: Sky, Geldards Law, Optimum Credit
Challenges: A unique glass inner atrium above the main reception area.
Capitol Quarter Number 4 is a new seven storey landmark office development in the heart of Cardiff City Centre’s Enterprise Zone. The building provides superior office space, incorporating a glass central atrium, high quality reception and an 8th floor roof terrace. At 96,870 sq feet, it comfortably accommodates its occupiers including Sky, Geralds Law, and Optimum Credit.
 capitol quarter windows
The building is beautifully clad with glass covering all faces from ground floor to its 7th floor with breathtaking views, as far as the Cardiff Bay Barrage and the Prince of Wales Bridge.
The inner atrium is clad in glass from the 1st floor up to the 7th floor, thus allowing natural light to filter through the heart of the building and into the offices.
On February 2021 The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company completed the external window cleaning and cleaning to the internal glass atrium.
The glass atrium, being above the main reception presented a challenge, as it is the main thoroughfare through the building. To overcome this challenge, the rope access team worked throughout the night, thus avoiding contact with the occupiers of the offices. As a result they were able to successfully complete the works, without any disruption to the various teams working in the offices.
This allowed the project to be completed on time, whilst also overcoming the unique challenges.

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company enjoy working on such landmark buildings throughout South Wales and exceeding our clients high expectations.

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