On 20th October 2013 The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company are called in to Morrisons on Newport Road to help with cladding cleaning and get the store ready for opening day.

With only 12 hours notice, this was a tight deadline for The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company!

PROJECT: Clean all of the new tile fascia installed at the new Morrisons store. Within 6 hours!

On site for 6am meant that we saw the sun rise, as we pushed on through the morning.

Despite heights of 50ft and winds of 25 mph, hitting Morrisons, Newport Road, and lashing down rain, we carried on, aware of the tight deadline for the grand opening.

Morrisons, Newport Road, Cardiff, Fascia Cleaning

Morrisons, Newport Road, Cardiff, Fascia Cleaning

Completed on time, and within budget.

The team at Morrisons were even smiling at the end of it, despite the inclement weather! Must’ve been the regular coffee top ups!

Emilio enjoyed doing the photos on this one! Note the dark, moody skies! He thinks he’s a pro photographer now!

As a note, we use water fed pole pure water to clean fascia boards.

Benefits of Cleaning New Tile Fascia

Enhancing the Building’s Aesthetic Appeal

  • Clean tile fascia contributes to a positive first impression for customers and visitors
  • Cladding cleaning boosts the overall image and professionalism of the commercial building

Protection and Longevity of the Tile Fascia

  • Removal of dirt, grime, and pollutants prevents deterioration and potential damage
  • Extends the lifespan of the tile fascia, saving costs on repairs and replacements

Preserving Property Value

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of tile fascia helps maintain the value of the property
  • Dirty or neglected tile fascia can give the impression of poor upkeep and decrease property value

Preventing Potential Hazards

  • Accumulated debris and organic growth on tile fascia can pose safety risks
  • Regular cleaning eliminates slippery surfaces, preventing accidents and liability issues

Energy Efficiency

  • Clean tile fascia allows for better reflection of sunlight, reducing heat absorption
  • Improves energy efficiency by reducing the need for excessive cooling