Location: Cardiff

Works Required: Window Cleaning

Gloworks is the exciting new creative industries centre in the heart of Porth Teigr in Cardiff Bay, which opened its doors in 2014.

The creative industries sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Welsh economy and is prioritised by Welsh Government for support. Cardiff is home to three major broadcasters, an established independent TV production sector and an emerging digital media cluster. There is no better place to grow a creative industries business.

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company have been contracted to ensure that the windows are kept clean.

As a busy creative hub, our window cleaning team in Cardiff is required to work around over 200 employees that currently work on the various exciting ventures at Gloworks in Cardiff Bay. Our team works though the night to ensure  the minimum amount of disruption.

Ian Bradbrook, Property Manager of Gloworks comments “We are very pleased with the work that the team at The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company achieves here at Gloworks.”

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Gloworks plays a significant role in supporting the creative industries in Wales

As a creative industries centre located in Cardiff Bay, Gloworks aims to attract and nurture firms within the thriving creative sector in Wales. The centre is operated by the Welsh Government and provides a dedicated space to support the growth and development of creative businesses.

Gloworks offers various resources and services to assist creative companies. It provides workspace facilities, including offices and studios, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of creative professionals. A big offering of flexible and well-equipped workspaces. The firm creates an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth within the creative industries.

Gloworks serves as a hub for networking and knowledge-sharing among creative entrepreneurs. The centre facilitates connections and collaborations between different creative businesses, allowing them to learn from one another and explore potential partnerships. This networking aspect is essential in fostering a supportive and dynamic ecosystem for the creative industries in Wales.

They assist creative enterprises in accessing relevant support and funding opportunities. Being part of the centre provides companies with valuable industry insights and guidance in navigating the creative landscape. By connecting creative businesses with appropriate resources and funding channels, Gloworks enables them to flourish and expand their reach.

The firm has attracted a strong line-up of tenants from the creative industries, enhancing the vibrancy and diversity of the centre. By bringing together companies from various sectors within the creative industries, Cardiff has gained a collaborative and inspiring environment for professionals to connect and thrive.

Gloworks is an essential destination for creative businesses in Wales. Through its provision of tailored workspaces, networking opportunities, and access to resources and funding, the firm supports the growth and success of the creative industries in Wales.