Eye Bolt Testing

For safe access and to be in full compliance with health and safety legislation, commercial high level eyebolts need to be tested each year. The date of the test and it’s Expiry must be shown on each and every eyebolt. If you are looking to have eyebolts installed and tested on your commercial property, then contact us at The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company. We do more than just clean windows.

Eyebolt & Abseil Point Testing

We are also fully certified to inspect and signal eyebolts on commercial properties. We employ a team of technicians who have specialised in the installation of anchor devices and eyebolts for safety equipment. We are able to install anchor devices that fall into the Class A1 range for both fall prevention systems and rope access.

If you need to use ropes to do work on your property, then installing eyebolts lets your workers operate safely. Eyebolts improve safety in many at height work situations, whether you are abseiling, painting, cleaning or building. A fall prevention system is essential for any work at height, and you can have eyebolts attached to safety harnesses that prevent workers from falling from height.

You need to know that eyebolts only save workers from falls one time. After that, they need to be replaced, as LOLER and HSE standards state.

The Right Kind of Eyebolt Installation

We provide the same high-quality installation whether we are working on a fall prevention system or a work access system for you. We ensure that all of the eyebolts are installed securely, because we know that a single error can lead to one of your workers being injured.

We follow all relevant standards when we install and inspect eyebolts, ensuring our customers are kept safe. How we install the eyebolts on your property depends on the conditions there. Each job is different, but with our years of experience, we can safely install eyebolts anywhere and inspect eyebolts made for any kind of safety system. You can trust us to keep you and your employees safe.

Eyebolt Testing Requirements

The law requires that all eyebolts for fall prevention systems be checked every 12 months. Rope access eyebolts have to be checked every six months.

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company has all the equipment and training necessary to inspect any kind of eyebolt for any kind of safety system. We provide accurate inspections that give you detailed information about any faults that may be present. You’ll be able to see which eyebolts need to be replaced and which ones are okay to use.

Any eyebolts we test will be marked according to British Standards as well as PPE Directives. This marking will tell you when the next inspection must occur and how the eyebolt can be used. We will also provide you with a certificate that verifies your eyebolts have been examined.

Please contact us by phone or email for a free quote today. We offer a benchmarking service as well that is provided free of charge. This shows you what your money will be paying for when you hire us and how you can cut costs or make improvements with your safety systems.

Get a free quote to start comparing prices and find out if we are our best option for eyebolt examinations and installations.

Benchmarking services are often provided remotely, so your current tenants don’t have to know that this service is being performed.

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