The Dyffryn estate can be traced from the 7th century right up to the present day. Many of the large homes in Wales during the late 19th century were built on money made from the industrial revolution. Dyffryn was one of these homes and was built to the grand scale you can see today on wealth made from the coal industry.

During the 7th century the house was then called the Manor of Worlton and was given to the Bishop Oudaceous of Llandaf. In the 16th century the Button family acquired the manor and the first house was built. The family occupied the estate for a number of generations and the name was changed to Duffryn House.

Titans of industry

In 1891 the estate was sold to John Cory, a wealthy coal merchant. John’s father, Richard, first started trading coal as Richard Cory and Sons. John and his brother worked together to expand the business after their father Richard’s death in 1882 and renamed the business Cory Brothers and Co.

A founder of the port of Barry

John moved to Dyffryn so he could commute to Barry daily. He was one of the founders and creators of the port of Barry, which became a rival to Cardiff for the export of Welsh coal. John and his brother owned collieries across South Wales and were reputedly the largest private railway wagon owners in the UK.

As you see from its amazing history Dyffryn House and Gardens are extremely important to the local area and heritage.

So it’s our privilege to be the window cleaning company on site.

Dyffryn has so much to offer.

Beautiful Gardens, stunning trees, flowers and woodland area.

There is the walled garden and outstanding green house home to species of cacti and rainforest plants. I love

We look after the cleaning on the gift shop, offices, the excellent coffee shop and the huge greenhouse.


The Green house is particularly testing when it comes to cleaning the glass and framework.

Especially in the cacti room. There are prickly plants to avoid and a huge glass roof with white frames to clean.

cacti room

With these challenges we are still able to bring the glass and frames up to a fine standard.

Using the pole above your head can be tiring but it’s worth it for the end result.

Once the works are complete it lifts appearance of the beautiful greenhouse, making it gleam and shine to all who visit.

While we work, we are so happy to hear the birds singing in the trees and Bees flying around collecting nectar from the many varieties of flowers on display.

When the sun is out there is no better place to be. 

Dyffryn Gardens Green Area

The team and staff on the whole site are warm and friendly making the job a pleasure to do.

We have been used as the contractor on site for a few years now and look forward to the opportunity of cleaning the windows for many more years to come.

Thank you to the National Trust and Dyffryn Gardens for all their help and continued use of our services.