Chewing gum removal is a major headache for local authorities, schools, universities, transport hubs and facilities managers. Our team use the latest in technology to endure that we cause the minimum amount if disturbance to you and the general public. The main method of Chewing Gum removal that we use is a small portable steam wand. Before using our steam wand, the available high pressure washing and steam solutions were bad. They were bulky, noisy, disruptive, inefficient and not particularly environmentally friendly.  However now there is a much better, more practical solution for chewing gum removal.

Why use the chewing gum Steam Wand?

  • It’s lightweight, totally portable and amazingly efficient.

  • It’s operated by one man without the need for generators, vehicles or trailing cables

  • It can be used outdoors on sidewalks, pavements and tarmac or indoors on carpets

  • It’s safe, economical, quiet and environmentally friendly

  • Water consumption minimal

  • Areas can remain open to the public without being cordoned off, causing minimum disturbance.

In seconds our steam wand transforms unsightly gum into a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging the underlying surface.  All thanks to our unique sugar beet based detergent and the steam wand lance.

Our discreet technicians can work quietly and efficiently around the general public. Check out the video of the machine in action below: